2022/07/18 - 2022/07/31

Dappradar shows that, from July/18 to July/30 2022, the transaction volume of Transit Swap was $33,417,370, the number of user transactions was 97,808, and the number of user addresses achieved 62,448.

Conduct & Technology

  1. Transit Swap aggregates #Dooarswap liquidity pools, bringing more liquidity and better exchange rates to $GMT and $GST.

  2. Transit Swap web client supports #CBridge cross-chain bridge, which gives users more choices.

Operations & Community

  1. Transit Swap Token List update: 12 trending tokens on Ethereum, BNBCHAIN, Solana, and avalancheavax.

  2. The “sell” function of TransitBuy newly integrates MoonPay, which allows users to buy and sell digital currencies by choosing MoonPay.

  3. Transit Buy newly integrates Transak and announces partnership.

  4. Transit Swap has launched the DAPP classification tool platform DTools.


This week TransitFinance has completed the injection into the TPT DAO vault, transferring 25% of its June income into the fund account, approximately $77,471.38.

Please see the details here: https://fans.tokenpocket.pro/t/topic/20167

Address of DAO vault on each chain:

  • ETH /BSC /MATIC /HECO /OEC /HSC /platON:0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8

  • TRON:TMPKq4P49oKRqn4Apec7asSnz682Dj4Bip

  • EOS:tptdonation1

Transaction fee discount

Transit Swap launches the aggregate transaction fee discount function, which according to the discount rate corresponding to the sum of the TPT and xTPT quantity held by the user's account address.

There are currently 4 discount levels, and in the future, more levels will be split according to the actual situation.

Rate discount:

LevelBalance (TPT and xTPT)Discount Rate


≥ 10,000



≥ 100,000



≥ 1,000,000



≥ 10,000,000


Safety Reminder

  • Our team members and administrators will never contact you first!

  • Under no circumstances should you give your private key/mnemonic phrases to others!

About Transit Swap

Transit Swap is a cross-chain swap platform that integrates DEXs, aggregate transactions and one-stop cross-chain. Without certification, users can complete decentralized transactions real time and instantly swap assets across networks supported by TokenPocket

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