2022/08/15 - 2022/08/29

Dappradar shows that, from 2022/08/15 - 2022/08/29, the transaction volume of Transit Swap was $15,979,313, and the number of user transactions was 83,002, and the number of user addresses achieved 55,785.

Conduct & Technology

  1. Transit Swap cross-chain supports Celer cBridge.

  2. Optimize widgets and product feature experience.

Operations & Community

  1. Transit Swap Token List update: 8 trending tokens on @ethereum and @BNBCHAIN.

  2. #TransitBuy and MoonPay cooperate to hold a 0 fee transaction, During the campaign period, enter the home page of TokenPocKet wallet and select “buy” and choose “MoonPay” to get the 0 commission service. Learn more

  3. In Project GalaxyHQ Claim TransitFinance Trading Souvenir Badge.


The Transit.finance Foundation is going to inject 25% of the Jul income of Transit Swap into the DAO vault, which values about 84,742.08 USDT. For the convenience of statistics, we will transfer it to the BSC account in the form of USDT. The use of DAO vault funds is determined by TPT DAO, and subsequent proposal applications can be initiated.


TPT DAO Community Announcement

The TPT DAO vault created a BNB Chain multi-signature address 0x6A548ca7930a4Bf8da856A32424D2F54B65F6256, and transferred 689,062.22USDT, 29,873.5834BUSD, 66,405,654.328TPT from the previous BNB Chain address 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8 to the multi-signature address at one time.

Address of DAO vault on each chain:

  • ETH/MATIC/HECO/OEC/HSC/platON: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8

  • BSC: (Old Address)0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8

  • BSC: (New multi-signature address)0x6A548ca7930a4Bf8da856A32424D2F54B65F6256

  • TRON: TMPKq4P49oKRqn4Apec7asSnz682Dj4Bip

  • EOS: tptdonation1

Trading fee discount

Transit Swap has launched the aggregate transaction fee discount function which gives discounts with the rate corresponding to the sum of the TPT and xTPT held by the user's account address. The current discount is divided into 4 tiers, and in the future, more tiers will be applied according to the actual situation.

Security Reminder

  • Our team members and administrators will never contact you first!

  • Under no circumstances should you give your private key/mnemonic phrases to others!

About Transit Swap

Transit Swap is a cross-chain swap platform that integrates DEXs, aggregate transactions and one-stop cross-chain. Without certification, users can complete decentralized transactions real time and instantly swap assets across networks supported by TokenPocket.

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