2022/10/24 - 2022/11/07

According to the data in Dappradar, the transaction volume of Transit Swap was $24,503,288.31, the number of user transactions was 43,640, and the number of user addresses achieved 30,703.

Conduct & Technology

  1. Transit Swap officially Re-launched! > Details

  2. Transit Finance webpage supports Candlestick Charts, Liquidity Pools, token info display, etc. > Details

3. Transit Swap supported Aptos Mainnet. > Details

4. Transit Swap supported EthereumFair. > Details

5. Transit Swap supported Token Searching. > Details

Promotion & Community

  1. Launched a gas fee airdrop campaign. > Details

  2. Transit Swap Token List Update on BNB Chain and Polygon(Matic). > Details

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Claim your TransitFinance Trading Souvenir Badge in Galxe.

Event Details

How to claim Transit Swap Trading Souvenir Badge on Galxe.

Trading fee discount

Transit Swap has launched the aggregate transaction fee discount function which gives discounts with the rate corresponding to the sum of the TPT and xTPT held by the user’s account address.

The current discount is divided into 4 tiers, and in the future, more tiers will be applied according to the actual situation.

Security Reminder

  • Official admins will never privately contact you first!

  • Never share your private key/secret recovery phrase phrases with others!

About Transit Swap

Transit Swap is a cross-chain swap platform that integrates DEXs, aggregate transactions, and a one-stop cross-chain. Without certification, users can complete decentralized transactions in real-time and instantly swap assets across networks supported by TokenPocket.

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