TransitSwap Contracts

Query the Transit Swap Contracts of all chains
Query contracts of all chains including router & approve
Return all chains contracts
⚠️⚠️⚠️ Notice ⚠️⚠️⚠️
signer: 0x6eef5ad82cf83f9e60d2e96ee2029dc17c7b6612
signature data: Access TransitSwap for a trusted data: + hash
Access TransitSwap for a trusted data:0x9e30f587c47c65791cd58fe4d6f2e889a13d6d8f22623c65960fb625f95e13c2
Verifiable signature to ensure data is TransitSwap returned. Also can check if time is within range(eg: 30s).
const sigUtils = require("@metamask/eth-sig-util")
const ethers = require("ethers")
const routers = [..data.contracts.Router]
const approves = [..data.contracts.Approve]
//if TRON,need convert base58 to hex
const hash = ethers.utils.solidityKeccak256(["address[]", "address[]", "uint256"], [routers, approves, timestamp])
const data = "Access TransitSwap for a trusted data:" + hash
const signer = sigUtils.recoverPersonalSignature({data:data,signature:signature})
if (signer == "0x6eef5ad82cf83f9e60d2e96ee2029dc17c7b6612") {