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Donation pool definition:

As a part of the open blockchain world, Transit Swap accepts token donations from individual users, and all donations will enter a pool where the funds will be used for including but not limited to Transit Swap project operation and related ecology.
Types of donation tokens we accept: TPT
Addresses to receive donations:
  • ETH: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8
  • BSC: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8
  • HECO: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8
  • OEC: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8
  • HSC: 0x5f80670522f999e56310E0f3f8BBb5b0348B1EC8
  • TRON: TMPKq4P49oKRqn4Apec7asSnz682Dj4Bip
  • EOS: tptdonation1