Transit Swap aggregation swap tutorial

Aggregate swap means it can choose the optimal trading channel automatically and offers the best transaction price.

1、Open Transit Swap, and select the type and amount of the tokens to be exchanged. In “swap parameters”, you can view the slippage, ratio, fee and other parameters, and click “Swap Path” to view the relevant data.

2、Slippage in aggregate swap is more important. You have to set matching slippages to buy and sell tokens normally. You can check “Receiving Address” in the “Settings” menu at the top right to customize the receiving address. (The default receiving address is the source address)

Click “fees discount” for details

3、It should be noted that approval is required for the first swap other than the main net token. In the authorization interface, you can flexibly set the preferred amount. It is recommended to set a slightly higher fee when swapping on the Ethereum chain, so that the transaction can be successful and fast.

4、There are only limited tokens shown on the list of Transit Swap, and how to swap other tokens? Click “choose the source token” or “choose the destination token”, and add the contract address to see the needed token.

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