Transit Swap Cross-Chain Transfer Tutorial

Incubated by TokenPocket, Transit Swap is a cross-chain swap platform that integrates DEXs, aggregate transactions and one-stop cross-chain. Without certification, users can complete decentralized transactions real time and instantly swap assets across networks supported by TokenPocket.

Transit Swap's cross-chain aggregation swap platform will open cross-chain liquidity channels for mainstream public-chain assets, and provide users and projects with one-stop cross-chain services. It aims to create a cross-chain traffic gathering place for leading public chains.

1、Open TokenPocket, and you can access Transit by clicking “Swap” on the upper right side of the main page or selecting “Market” on the bottom menu. Then choose the type and amount of source token and destination token that you wish to transfer. You must choose or fill in them correctly, or your assets will be lost (If you choose an exchange address as the destination, it is recommended to consult the exchange platform customer service to see if it can be deposited)

2、If the source and destination network is same, then swap within the same network default and if not, cross-chain default. (While doing a cross-chain swap, users may need to satisfy the min and max criteria).

3、You can quickly set the price slippage by clicking “Settings” on the upper right. Generally, the default slippage can be used for mainstream tokens cross-chain swap (The receiving address here is mainly for users to aggregate swap).

Click “Menu” in the upper right corner to view your current wallet address, and click “Governance”, “Fees”, “History”, “Documents “and “Help” to view and learn more about Transit Swap.

4、Choose the swap tokens and amount, click “Swap” to see “Swap Details” where you can view the transfer and receiving addresses, fees and other information. After confirming and entering the password, you can check the swap status in “Swap Record”. Here take the SWFT service in the screenshot for example. If you have not received tokens, you can copy the “order number” and click on the bottom of the “have questions” to get feedback.

The services supported by Transit Swap:

SWFT Community Links:

Multichain (former anyswap) Community Links:

Please note: when you join groups, anyone who dm you is a scammer, don’t contact them and just block and report.

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