How to check your order status through Transit explorer

How to enter Transit explorer

Transit explorer link:

  1. Open TokenPocket wallet, and tap β€œdiscover”, then enter the link in the search bar to enter the Transit explorer Dapp.

  2. Directly click on the Transit explorer at the top of the Transit Swap website to enter.

Introduction to the Transit explorer function

  1. Swap: you can jump directly to the "Transit Swap" page.

  2. Buy token: you can go to the " Transit Buy " entrance directly.

  3. Token security: You can check whether the token is safe by entering the token contract address. The security test is based on the data analysis on the chain, which is only for reference and it is not investment advice.

  4. Search: When users conduct trade or swap tokens across chains in Transit Swap, they can copy the transaction hash value and check their order status in the Transit explorer, including transaction date, destination chain, original address, receiving address and amount. You can also see the liquidity provider of the transaction. For cross-chain transactions, you can find which cross-chain merchant provides service.

Note: Transit explorer just supports scanning transactions on EVM and TRON networks which are only related to Transit Swap contracts, and cannot check the ordinary transfers on public chains.

Check your order status through the Transit explorer

Copy your hash value on the Transit Swap transaction page, and open the Transi explorer, then paste the hash value and click "Search".

There will appear the transaction status on the left side of the Transit explorer page. The following page shows the status of the successful cross-chain.

If the following "Failed" page appears, it indicates that the transaction has failed. Please return to the wallet to view your assets. The assets will not be transferred out if the transaction fails.

If the transaction fails, your funds will always be safely in your wallet. If your swap fails multiple times, please contact us and we will find the cause.

At present, Transit Swap's cross-chain service integrates SWFT, Cbridge and Multichain (former AnySwap) service providers, so you can see the logos of these three services in our cross-chain operation records. You can join the corresponding community of these providers to communicate with the hash value, so that dealing with the problem will be prompt and efficient.

How to find a corresponding exchange agent to solve swap problems quickly:

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