Oct 21st. Transit Swap is officially re-launch!

Transit Swap is officially re-launch! We appreciate your support and patience during this maintenance period! From now on, all the functions on Transit Swap are back to normal and you all can sail through the swap and cross-chain swap on Transit Swap!

What we’ve done in the maintenance period?

Be more secure!

1) Optimize user approval at the contract and eliminate separate modules to manage user approval.

2) Adopt whitelist mechanism to reduce the authority of external calls.

3) Optimize Transit Swap cross-chain bridge interaction to prevent the malicious transfer of funds within the cross-chain bridge.

4) Upgrade Transit Swap contract, and abolish the old version of contract authority, the new contract is completely open source, and the contract security audit is completed by SlowMist.

Be more diverse!

Combining trading, analysis, and markets, Transit Swap offers you more than just trading! Transit Swap webpage supports Candlestick Chart, Liquidity Pools, token info display, etc. Optimize users’ trading experience and help users to analyze transaction data more comprehensively.

TransitFinance focuses on contract security and blockchain security.

  1. Transit Swap has reached an in-depth partnership with multiple security companies, we hope all the developers, white hats, and others can work together to build blockchain security.

  2. Transit Finance launches security bounty, offering up to $1,000,000 to users or developers who find out Transit Swap security vulnerabilities.

  3. Transit Finance launched Transit Security Fund, which injects 10% of Transit Swap’s monthly revenue into the security fund for the effective prevention of security incidents.

Keep your assets safe!

  1. Never share your private key or secret recovery phrase with a third party and keep your private key and secret recovery phrase safe!

  2. Cancel the approval regularly and don’t execute the approved operation randomly!

  3. Anyone who directly communicates with you is a scammer!

  4. DYOR!

About TransitFinance

Transit Swap is a cross-chain swap platform that integrates DEXs, aggregate transactions, and one-stop cross-chain. Without certification, users can complete decentralized transactions in real-time and instantly swap assets across networks supported by TokenPocket.

The Transit Swap API currently provides real-time price quotes for swaps between arbitrary tokens on these networks, as well as Application Binary Interface (ABI) data that can be used to interact with smart contracts on these networks.


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